Cat scratch fever

Playful kitten biting and scratching

Imagine not being able to trim your toenails? Without a good scratching post, cats relegated to living indoors have nowhere to scratch – well, except for your good furniture or favorite sweater. If they don’t wear down their claws, they will grow too long and that can lead to painful injuries and even contribute to arthritis.

Simply giving your cat a sturdy, good quality scratching post can provide hours of enjoyment, stress relief, and an excellent manicure.

There are a variety of scratching posts on the market, including:

  • Simple corrugated cardboard
  • Carpeted planks
  • Multilevel towers containing bells, catnip, and other toys

Or you can make your own scratching post using twine wrapped tightly around a post. You can find out what types of scratching posts have been successful for other people’s cats by asking friends who have the same breed, or by doing more online research.

Cat scratch fever