Puppy holding food bowl in its mouthLet our nutrition experts review your pet’s diet and prescribe a custom nutrition plan for optimum health and disease prevention. Wisdom veterinarians have all had extensive training in pet nutrition and are your best resources when considering changing your pet’s diet. There are a variety of cooked, raw, home prepared, canned, freeze-dried, and dried options available at your local pet store – so many that diet choice can sometimes be very daunting.

Your pet’s eating habits, exercise regime, and health issues are all criteria in evaluating diet choice and should be discussed thoroughly at your pet’s wellness exam. For example, if your pet has severe allergies, your vet will usually consider a trial elimination diet for your pet, where certain items, often beef and wheat, are eliminated from the diet completely, to see if the pet’s allergies improve.

It’s no secret that good health is directly linked to a balanced diet, low in fats and sugars, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Your pet depends on you to make positive choices for his or her well-being and taking the step to have a Wisdom veterinarian prepare a custom diet plan for your pet is one of the soundest choices you can make.